Product Tour

The goal of SentimentSnap is to provide a simple, private feedback solution in-a-box.  Our solution is designed to be easy not just for customers to use but also for you as business owner/operators.  Let’s take a quick look at some of our key features.


The dashboard gives you a snapshot view of what’s happening in your organization. Our idea is to provide you just what you need and nothing more. Here you’ll find:

  • Sent-o-meter – Your rolling 30-day weighted average score. It’s a high-level view of how customers are feeling.
  • Trends – A visual look at the last two weeks tracking the number of responses in each category plus the weighted average score for each day. You can tap on any day to see the details.
  • Responses – A live view of feedback responses showing you the sentiment, comment, and email follow-up options.
  • QR Tag Ranking – All of your tags ranked from first to last, showing you the best and worst-performing areas.

QR Tags & Groups

We built SentimentSnap around QR codes (we refer to these as “QR Tags” as each unique code is tagged with a question that you use as prompts for customer feedback).  QR Tags can be arranged into groups. Groups can contain other groups, giving you complete control over how you look at your results. You control:

  • Question – The prompt question that appears on the printed sign and the feedback form.
  • Email Follow-Up – If you wish to follow-up with your customers, you can give them the option to provide their email.
  • Marketing Email – You can give your customers the opportunity to opt-in to your email marketing list.

Real-time Notifications

You’ll want to stay informed when things happen. We’ve got you covered here. We give you some templates to get started, but you can set up email notifications for any situation by defining:

  • Positive or Negative Feedback – It’s nice to know when things are going well too!
  • Score – Set any target score that will trigger the notification.
  • Time – You can define how long your score should stay above or below the target before sending a notification.
  • Group/QR Tags – Pick the tags to include in the notification.

QR Signs

You’ll need a sign to make this all work, and we have you covered here too. We provide a variety of templates for both self-printed and professionally printed posters. Formats for popular Avery® labels and standard VistaPrint® sizes are available.

If you wish to display signs of your own design and branding, that’s no problem. You can download the QR code in several print-friendly formats to include in your custom sign.

Feedback Form

When your customers see your sign and scan the QR code, out pops this feedback form. Our goal is to make this a snap for users (yeah, pun intended). Complex surveys are not welcome here!

Users grab and move the slider to choose the smiley that corresponds to the sentiment score they are submitting. Optionally, they can also leave a comment and provide their email for follow-up or marketing list opt-in.

Works on Any Device

Well yeah, it’s 2020, so that’s a given! All of the app features illustrated above work on all types of devices. It does the fancy ‘responsive’ thing, so it just works on whatever device you are on, without the need to download anything. Cool, huh?