Private customer feedback to boost your business

SentimentSnap lets customers provide honest feedback in just a few taps – helping businesses quickly identify issues and make improvements.


Gauge customer happiness, in a snap

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100% private

It might be good. It might be bad. But at least the feedback is honest, for your eyes only.


Takes literally seconds for the customer to submit feedback. No long, annoying surveys or multi-step forms.


Customers scan the QR code and use their own smartphone.  There’s nothing to download, nothing to touch.

Capture leads

Customers can opt-in to your email marketing list, enabling you to easily create relationships and build loyalty.

More helping. Less yelping.

Give your customers a voice in-store and take control of your feedback

  • Instantly learn what you’re doing well and what you need to improve
  • Get ahead of some of the nasty public shaming that otherwise goes straight to reviews
  • Build loyalty and create better customer relationships

How it works


Place your sign

Print out signs with your unique codes using one of our pre-designed templates… or make your own to display wherever and however you’d like. Place your sign(s) in places where you want to gather customer or even employee feedback.


Gather feedback

Customers see the sign, scan the QR code with their camera or QR app and then complete an intuitive survey that literally takes just a few seconds. They can also add a short suggestion or comment if they’d like…or opt into your email list. That’s up to them. Regardless, they’ll love knowing you care about their happiness!


Analyze and act

Business owners access our simple, yet powerful dashboard to view responses in real-time. You’ll be able to instantly see how you’re performing, pinpoint areas to make improvements, analyze results over time..and maybe even get ahead of problems that otherwise would show up in online reviews.

That’s the express tour. Want to know more? Check out our Product Tour or browse our FAQ page.

Who it's for

We designed SentimentSnap with brick & mortar businesses in mind.  It could be a shop, a salon, a bar, a restaurant, a boutique or any number of other types of physical businesses.  Whether you have a single location or multiple locations, we’ve got you covered

  • You care about customer feedback and look to continually improve your business.
  • You don’t have the time or know-how to design complicated satisfaction surveys.
  • You stay on top of reviews but are frustrated by the many frivolous, unhelpful comments that hurt your reputation.
  • You look for an affordable solution to give your customers a voice while managing the good, bad and ugly…on your terms.


You can view our simple, transparent pricing below. Our Standard package is perfect for the vast majority of single or even multi-location businesses, but we also offer custom packages for larger enterprises


$ 0




  • Up to 100 snaps/month
  • Use at a single location
  • Full access to all platform features
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PREMIUMPerfect for most businesses

$ 99

Per Month


Per month

  • Unlimited monthly snaps
  • Use at multiple locations
  • Full access to all platform features
  • Includes one month free trial
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